Wooden stairs – a construction element with aestHetic values

Stairs are a necessary element of each multi-storey building. They join its integral parts with particular floors. The times when stairs played only functional role are already over. Today they need to be useful and match the aesthetics of the whole building. That is why, traditional concrete stairs are more often replaced by wooden ones or at least shut with wood. This material gives exceptional charm and character to interiors, therefore, wooden stairs play an important decorative role and make rooms more cozy. They can also give a space more prestige and modernity – it is worth to use original fininshing and handrails.

Stairs by DESIGN WOOD are refined in every detail

Wooden stairs should be exceptionally durable. Even when used long and intensively. That is why, it is important they are made in a solid and precise way. The material is crucial, too. The wood for stairs should be of high quality: without lessening, burls, and well seasoned. The stairs by Design Wood are always good quality materials and solid construction, the best precision and focus on details. These elements guarantee years of satisfaction. In our offer, you will find carpet stairs, stringer stairs, wooden stairs for concrete, but also shelf structures and the ones based on a central bar. We also recommed you original finishing of stairs, for example: handrails of interesting construction with steel or glass elements.

Carpet stairs

They perfectly fit modern interiors as they resemble a carpet that is placed on invisible stairs. Such stairs, characterized by simple and solid construction, are ideally harmonized with the aesthetics and the style of an interior. Moreover, they give an excellent effect being at the same time light and decorative. Single stairs are fixed directly to structure-bearing elements. Carpet stairs are usually made of ash, oak or exotic wood. This choice will make the stairs match your interior without any problems and become an extraordinary decoration. We also recommend interesing types of finishing. Carpet stairs together with handrails of stainless steel or glass contribute an excellent designer interior supplement. Below you can find examples of carpet stairs:

Stringer stairs: classic, modern, scandinavian style

They are fine in every interior. These stairs look good in modern architecture buildings and traditional or rustical rooms. Stringer stairs are characterized by solid and stable construction that makes them safe to use. Wooden stairs here are fitted on stringers which, among others, let to use the space under them. A big advantage of this type of stairs is that they take very little space and, therefore, can be used in small rooms as well. In our offer, you can find both classic, modern and scandinavian style stringer stairs. We produce the stairs of various types of wood: ash, nut tree, oak and beech, Below you can find examples of stringer stairs:

Stairs for concrete

Classics, comfort, safety and elegance – this is how we can describe these stairs in short. Stairs shut for concrete is a very popular part of building. These stairs are perfect especially during complete overhauls when users do not want to get rid of old concrete stairs, but they want to change the interrior design at the same time. The old ones will aquire the character and charm so that the interiors will become more friendly and cozy. We offer stairs shute made of oak and ash. The combination with interesting handrails or additional finishing will make them ideal in each type of room. Below you can find examples of the stairs:

Shelf constructions

They are characterized by very delicate construction and simplicity, thanks to which they are an ideal solution for modern interiors. Shelf constructions are fixed directly to the construction-bearing wall – they do not take much space and, therefore, will be perfect in small rooms as well. This tpe of stairs is popular among young people, mostly due to very attractive look. Such a construction is an ideal element of modern minimalistic interiors. When adding some handrails of interesting constructions, you can get a designer supplement of the room`s style. Below you can find examples of shelf constructions:

Stairs on central bar

Wooden stairs secured by a central bar is a very aesthetic solution, ideal for modern and spacious rooms. They are fine, for example, for open living rooms. These stairs will also match classic style interiors. The construction of the stairs is supported on a central bar – it is responsible for the stability, but constitutes an interesting decorative element as well. Unsual looks of this type of construction and their supplementation with original handrails make these stairs an interesing aesthetic element in each interrior. Below you can find examples of stairs on a central bar: