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DESIGN WOOD is a family business with a long tradition

Wood processing is not only our work, this is the passion that we indulge in free time. We started from litte and simple projects – they helped us to know how to work with such a material as wood. We deal not only with the production, but also the design of wooden utility parts. Our offer inlcudes, among others, exceptional and unique tables, stairs of interesting designs and very original washbasins. Each of these products is handmade in an extremely precise and detailed way. Our heads are constantly full of new and interesting ideas, which we are glad to realize within our business. Outstanding products are our background – they are pampered through and through. We are proud of them and want the whole world to know about them. In our makes there is something you cannot find in mass production: the heart and the soul. This is something we add free of charge to each piece.


Kuchenny stół z litego drewna dębowego







Why wood?

For sure, this type of material can be called unpredictible – its processing is a challenge for both a beginner and an experienced craftsman. It can make you surprised at every step. Wood does not forgive mistakes, teaches humbleness and precission.It can be also cruel, however, this is the material that can be at the same time so one-off and interesting that you can get addicted to it. Numerous structures, colours and textures do not leave you bored with wood. Each project is different. Therefore, every product (even of the same design) is different as well. We can say that each wood processing creates a new story beacuse every tree we use has its own story, too. Wood is by most a magical material – its has its nature, which needs to be included in each project and which at the same time makes every wooden item exceptional and unique. Wood processsing gives us lots of satisfaction and the final effect rewards the efforts and problems.

Stoły Drewniane Producent


How do we make our products?

We do our best so that each product is tailored to the expectations of our customers.