We are proud to introduce you to our dearest products – wooden washbasins that will give character, uniqueness and a luxury vibe to very bathroom. And this all comes from nature and constitutes the best example for our constant development and extraordinary passion. The project was initiated due to the need of making something really exceptional and unique. Our first washbasin was made in our free time and became an incredible part of our private bathroom. It was it! This product we needed to show to the world immediately – this is how a whole series of wooden washbasins we want to present to you was created. They not only decorate the room, but also give it its soul. These washbasins fit both classic and modern minimalistic bathrooms. In each interior they just add the wow effect.

Washbasin U1

A basic and very universal model. This is a wooden washbasin that can be easily put on a countertop or fixed diretly to a wall with the use of handles.

Washbasin U2

A wooden washbasin mounted in a countertop. We can produce a washbasin tailored to a particular countertop. You can also order a wooden countertop and cupboards matching the washbasin in one of the colours from the RAL palette.

Washbasin U3

A wooden countertop equipped with an additional countertop. It will work especially in a small bathroom where the space is limited and has to be designed carefully. This washbasin can be fixed with the use of handles. We can also, on order, make an MDF cupboard in any of the RAL palette colours.